ACE+ Suite offers advanced Multiphysics simulation capabilities for a wide range of engineering applications by accurately solving coupled phenomena of fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions, electromagnetics, plasma and structural mechanics.

Apart from the semiconductor manufacturing space, ACE+ suite multiphysics capabilities are used in the design and optimization of fuel cells, EV batteries, HVAC systems, MEMS, heat exchangers, space launch systems, biochips, automotive under-hood and electronics cooling​.

ace+ multiphysics

ACE+ offers the following Multiphysics capabilities: 

  • Plasma-assisted surface treatments​
  • Thin film deposition using CVD, ALD, PVD and epitaxy ​

  • Multiphase flow and heat transfer in porous media and chemical reactors​

  • Multiphase flows using VOF, Two Fluid, Spray or Cavitation modules​

  • Thermal modeling—heating and cooling of reactor systems​

  • Fluid-structure interactions​

  • Electromagnetic heating and characterization​

  • Metal electroplating and electrochemical machining​

Empower breakthroughs with realistic multiphysics simulations​