The demand for power management and switching devices is increasing on the expansion of mobile consumer electronics and the implementation of smart appliances to reduce power consumption.

The applications in these segments are calling for smaller form-factor and device footprint at higher voltages and ever increasing switching speeds. The need to switch higher powers at ever higher frequencies and control those signals using conventional logic requires new device integration design and fabrication techniques and improved thermal management and isolation. Ensuring continued leading edge production on existing 200mm tool sets provides the lowest cost and highest value to our customers.

The new devices require improvements in process like aluminum PVD, epitaxial silicon deposition, and deep reactive ion etch. The changes include increases in thickness for aluminum films for thermal management and epi layers to enable higher power applications. In addition, enable the small form-factor, thermal management, and device integration, thin wafer handling to <150µm is an emerging trend and needs to be addressed. Applied is a developing new ≤200mm capability to address these and other technology challenges in the power market.