Raider® Edge ECD

The Applied Raider® Edge ECD (electrochemical deposition) system is the industry benchmark for single wafer electroplating technology. The Raider Edge offers flexibility with wafer sizes at 150, 200 and 300mm. Supporting multiple applications on one platform, it is capable of plating and etching a wide range of metals and alloys in addition to cleaning and dielectric layer etching and can work with multiple substrate types & thicknesses. 

The Raider Edge provides a highly flexible platform for a wide range of wet chemical processes including metal deposition, etch and cleaning and surface preparation. Metal deposition capabilities include thick Cu deposition for power devices, magnetic alloy deposition for sensors, gold-tin eutectic solder for die attach, gold via liner, Cu TSV/TGV fill, low stress back side metallization on thinned wafers. The Raider Edge system’s capabilities also include multi-layer stack etching beyond conventional UBM etch, such as CZT*/AlN* for magnetic circuits and ozonated chemistries for glass wafer cleaning.

*CZT – Cadmium Zinc Telluride, AlN- Aluminum Nitride

Raider ECD