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Leaning into our core values to make our company, industry and communities stronger and more resilient

지역사회에 미치는 영향

어플라이드 머티어리얼즈는 직원 및 우리의 생활 터전이자 일터가 되는 지역사회에 중요한 가치를 우리의 정체성과 기업으로서 우리가 지지하는 가치와 일치시킵니다. 어플라이드는 공정성에 중점을 둔 지역사회 참여 활동을 통해 우리의 가치를 실천합니다.

어플라이드와 어플라이드 머티어리얼즈 재단(Applied Materials Foundation)은 전 세계에서 자선 활동 기금과 인력을 활용해 어떤 그룹이나 개인도 차별하지 않으면서 서비스를 제공하는 기관을 지원하고 있습니다.

지역사회에 미치는 영향

The Applied Materials Momentum Fund

Innovation comes from connecting talent and capabilities in new ways.
The Applied Materials Momentum Fund, a collaboration with the Last Mile Education Fund, provides grants to eligible women nearing the completion of their bachelor’s degree in engineering. Momentum Fund grant recipients are encouraged to apply for Applied Materials internship opportunities.

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The Generation Girl® Initiative

All girls deserve an equitable opportunity to realize their full potential. Through Generation Girl, an initiative of the Applied Materials Foundation, we are working with U.S. nonprofit organizations to strengthen girls’ self-efficacy and confidence and help build awareness and interest in STEM and other careers. More than 50,000 girls have participated in Generation Girl-funded programs since 2018.

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applied materials employees engaging in fight against hunger

Fight Against Hunger

For more than three decades, Applied’s annual Fight Against Hunger campaign has mobilized employees to combat hunger in local communities.

In 2022, against a backdrop of increasing food insecurity worldwide, employees in North America raised $1.89 million, which was matched by the Foundation, raising a total $3.77 million to benefit 53 food banks across the U.S. and Canada. In Greece, India, Israel, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Japan, Applied employees organized local hunger relief efforts, boosted with additional Foundation support.


While we encourage employees to “make it Earth Day every day” through sustainable actions all year round, EarthWorks is our annual global campaign to learn, take action dedicated to environmental sustainability, and explore the natural world around us. Each spring, employees from around the world come together to hike, learn, clean up beaches and trails, and more.


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement amplifies our positive community impact, often via company-initiated events that connect our people with local nonprofits and volunteer opportunities. Employees volunteer for a variety of causes of interest and can also maximize their personal charity support through our Matching Gift and Volunteer Time Grant programs.  

Volunteer Voices


“I have noticed that since I’ve begun volunteering, it has carried over into my work and has helped propel me further in my career.”

Austin, Texas


“’When we connect with our coworkers through activities not directly tied to our work it creates more opportunities for collaboration and creativity in our work.”

Santa Clara, CA


“The sense of solidarity and shared purpose that arises from working together toward a common goal is invaluable and helps ensure the sustainability of our efforts.”



“I am grateful that Applied Purpose matches my volunteer time with monetary donations to further the impact on my community.”

San Jose, CA

Philanthropic Areas of Focus



Education inspires, empowers and paves the way to more promising futures. We invest in efforts to increase access to high-quality education globally, awarding $2.125 million in grants to 58 organizations in FY22.


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The arts connect us, ignite new possibilities, and contribute to positive mental health and well-being. We support culturally diverse programming in the visual and performing arts, contributing $1.05 million in grants to 59 nonprofits in FY22. 

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Nonprofit organizations are uniquely connected to the people and communities they serve. In 2022, we provided $1.76 million in grants to 71 organizations to address local challenges and build the capacity of the nonprofit sector.


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The health of our planet needs urgent action. In 2022, we awarded $669,644 in grants to 38 nonprofits providing environmental education, stewardship and conservation, animal and habitat protection, and urban nature improvements.

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Apply for a Grant

We review grant requests for organizations supporting Education, Arts and Culture, Civic Engagement, and the Environment twice a year, following submission deadlines of January 15 and June 15.

Generation Girl grant applications are accepted by invitation only. 

The Applied Materials Momentum Fund grant information is available here.

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View fiscal year 2023 past grants:

FY23 Grants: Applied Materials, Inc>
FY23 Grants:  Applied Materials Foundation

For More Information, email us at
Community_Affairs@amat.com or

Grant Guidelines

Ethics and Compliance

Our Global Ethics and Compliance (E&C) program has strong leadership and engagement from senior management. A Global Compliance Oversight Committee and seven regional compliance committees ensure we maintain the highest levels of integrity throughout our operations. To identify potential areas of improvement, a third-party conducted a company-wide Ethical Culture and Compliance Perceptions Assessment in FY22.

24-hour global toll-free Ethics Helpline (Callers may remain anonymous)
+1 (877) 225-5554 

Ethics and Compliance

기업활동기준 - Employees

Our entire global workforce is accountable to follow our Standards of Business Conduct (SBC) to ensure business decisions remain aligned with our core values. 

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기업활동기준 - Business Partners

This document sets forth basic ethical principles that Applied has adopted for our business partners.  It serves as a framework for acceptable business practices and contains helpful resources and information in the event a partner has questions or concerns.

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공공 정책

We participate in efforts to inform policymakers about issues, opportunities and challenges critical to our company, our customers and end users of the technology. These efforts, led by the Government Affairs group, generally focus on technology regulation, international trade, research and development (R&D), human resources and labor, and sustainability.

In FY22, we engaged on the successful passage of the Respect for Marriage Act and the CHIPS and Science Act, including advocating for billions in grant funding to revitalize the U.S. position in semiconductor research, development and manufacturing.

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공공 정책

정치적 기부 및 거버넌스

The Applied Materials, Inc. Political Action Committee (AMPAC) contributes to federal candidates, political action committees and party committees supporting issues of strategic importance to Applied, consistent with all legal requirements. AMPAC is funded entirely through voluntary contributions from eligible employees, with administrative expenses paid by Applied Materials. AMPAC’s activities are overseen, reviewed and approved by the AMPAC Board of Directors. During 2022, political contributions made by AMPAC totaled $69,500.부를 통해 충당합니다. AMPAC의 활동은 AMPAC 이사회에서 감독합니다.

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정치적 기부 및 거버넌스
Trade and Business Associations Membership

Trade and Business Associations Membership

Applied belongs to various business and trade associations representing issues that align with our corporate strategy and the needs of our company, industry, employees and communities. Our membership in a group does not imply that we endorse the entirety of that group's policy positions.

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