Producer® Darc® PECVD




Applied Producer DARC PECVD is the industry-leading anti-reflective coating film for minimizing reflectivity, reducing photoresist poisoning, and improving photoresist adhesion for ≤90nm technologies.

Used in conjunction with Applied Materials' APF™ (Advanced Patterning Film) strippable CVD hardmask, the APF/DARC film stack delivers litho-enabling solutions improvement in etch selectivity, CD control, and line edge roughness. The Applied Producer DARC PECVD offers a wide tuning range of refractive index and extinction coefficient values for unmatched reflectivity control across multiple applications. These films can be integrated in-situ with other CVD dielectrics for high efficiency and low cost of ownership.

Widely used in traditional gate, polysilicon and aluminum interconnect lithography applications, DARC 193 is ideal for dual damascene interconnect schemes with its excellent adhesion to low-k dielectric films.