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Continued process scaling is driving new levels of device performance. ALD technology is essential for a growing number of steps in DRAM, 3D NAND and logic FinFET fabrication. However, while the conformality and uniform film thickness achieved with ALD is vital for CD control, additional demands are being made on ALD to deliver a growing range of high-quality, robust films within restrictive thermal budgets of next-generation nodes.

应用材料公司的 Olympia™ ALD 系统能够单独沉积介电层薄膜,通过提供无与伦比的工序能力应对了在3D 器件制造所需的低沉积温度下,获取高品质 ALD 薄膜的重大挑战。灵活的设计也使系统能够适应所需的多种前体,以便提供ALD 工艺品质、多样性和热范围。