Applied Tempo Presto for Printed Electronics

Tempo Presto for Printed Electronics (TP_PE) is the latest screen-printer product launched by Applied Materials at the end of 2020. Derived as the single-lane platform from the mother platform Tempo Presto Large Wafers, TP_PE is for advanced screen-printing processes solutions from pilot production to high volume manufacturing. The platform is equipped with a proprietary alignment system that enables printing repeatability down to ± 5 μm. Coupled with a double-step auto-offset, the system achieves the highest printing precision and lowest operator dependency.

Key options include the post-print automatic optical inspection (AOI) to check the print quality and the absence of the defects immediately after the print and the Automatic Screen Cleaning (ASC) to maintain screen cleanliness during the print session, providing an automated, repeatable screen cleaning to maintain the best print quality.

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