ACE+ Suite is a comprehensive solution that integrates Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), multiphysics, and multiscale capabilities to address the evolving needs of semiconductor, aerospace and other Industries. ACE+ suite seamlessly combines powerful multiphysics solvers with advanced geometry modeling, mesh generation and visualization tools.​

ace+ suite


ACE+ Suite Multiphysics solvers:

  • ACE+: Pressure-based finite volume solver with diverse multiphysics capabilities: ​
    • Laminar and turbulent flows with a comprehensive list of turbulence models​
    • Multiphase flows (VOF, Two Fluid, Spray and Cavitation methods)​
    • Advanced radiation models (Monte Carlo, SnDOM, Surface-to-Surface and P1), ​
    • Advanced chemistry, structural mechanics, electromagnetics and plasma modeling​
  • FASTRAN: Density-based compressible flow solver for high-speed flows with the following capabilities:​
    • Moving multi-body dynamics with integrated 6-DOF solver ​
    • Generalized finite rate chemistry and thermal non-equilibrium ​
  • TOPO+: Physics driven surface topography evolution solver: 
    • Operates in stand-alone mode or chained with ACE+ reactor scale models​
    • 3D modeling of multi-material systems incorporating complex chemistry for deposition and etch processes​
  • ACE+ Suite software tools:
    • GEOM: Geometry modeling and highly flexible hybrid mesh generation tool​
    • VisCART: Automated unstructured adaptive Cartesian mesh generator for imperfect geometries​
    • VIEW: Advanced interactive and batch data visualization, extraction and analysis tool​

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