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Opta CMP

The Applied Opta CMP platform offers a paradigm shift for CMP processing in high-volume manufacturing (HVM) of advanced logic and memory devices, as well as enabling system technology co-optimization (STCO). The Opta system is a multi-chamber-based polishing architecture integrated with up to 10 cleaning modules. Opta’s modular and flexible architecture provides the highest throughput density for an entire node, thus requiring fewer systems to be installed and less overall fab space. Opta is designed for all CMP applications and segments: metal and non-metal CMP; single-step batch and balanced/unbalanced multi-step sequential polishing; thick and thin film removal.

Opta’s identical and isolated polishing chambers, along with state-of-the-art polishing heads and process control techniques provide best-in-class on-wafer performance in terms of with-in wafer and wafer-to-wafer non-uniformity. A unique architecture also enables additional cleaning/rinsing to improve defectivity without impacting productivity. To further enable device scaling via improved planarization and productivity via reduced process times for advanced nodes, like <5nm advanced logic devices or 200+ pair 3DNAND devices, polishing chambers can be configured with in-situ pad temperature control.

Opta’s versatility enables a one-size-fits-all CMP platform that can be used for high-volume manufacturing of today’s product, as well as for research and development of tomorrow’s prototype.  Opta provides a never-seen-before opportunity to simultaneously maximize process performance and capital efficiency using a single CMP platform, futureproofing all a fab’s CMP needs.