Applied Producer XP Precision Pioneer CVD

Logic and DRAM (dynamic random access memory) devices are experiencing growing demand for computing and memory performance in various applications, such as data centers, artificial intelligence, and mobile devices which all need more complex computations and higher-capacity memory to handle larger datasets.  However, shrinking transistors make them more susceptible to process variations that can result in performance variations and reduced reliability. There are physical limitations to scaling DRAM, mainly due to the increasing difficulty of shrinking the memory cells while maintaining their performance and reliability.

The Applied Producer® XP Precision® Pioneer® CVD hard mask reduces the process variations in semiconductor manufacturing by providing a more robust and consistent patterning process. Pioneer helps reduce process variations through improved etch selectivity and enhanced pattern transfers.

The Pioneer advanced patterning CVD film is based on a unique high-density carbon formula that is resilient to etch chemistries used in the most advanced process nodes, permitting thin film stacks with superior sidewall feature uniformity.  The film is deposited on the wafer prior to photoresist pattern processing and is uniquely designed to transfer desired patterns to the wafer with exceptional fidelity.

Pioneer has been co-optimized with Applied’s Sculpta™ pattern-shaping technology, enabling patterning engineers to maximize pattern elongation while maintaining tight control of the original EUV pattern.

Pioneer is also co-optimized with the Sym3 Y Magnum etch system to provide higher selectivity and better control over conventional carbon films for critical etch applications in logic and memory processing.