Applied Sigmameltec CTS Mask Coat Series

Achieving world class photomask CD uniformity begins with the quality of resist coating. At the nanometer scale many subtle factors become important, including the purity, temperature and humidity of the chamber air, the pre-treatment of the mask surface, the resist dispense and spinning characteristics, and control of the post apply bake profile.

Sigmameltec’s CTS system provides a controlled environment supporting the production of high quality resist layers with repeatable characteristics and ultra-low defect levels. Pre-treatment of mask blanks ensures pristine surfaces with good adhesion and tightly controlled resist dispense and spin programs deliver coating uniformity on the order of 1 nm (3s). The coating chamber includes dispense arms for three resist types, with the option for additional arms. And an automated solvent rinse ensures consistent cleanliness of the coating environment.

Key features and benefits:
  • Optimized spin chamber design for highly uniform and repeatable coatings
  • Multiple resist arms for uniform dispense of advanced resist materials
  • Post apply bake and cooling plates with tight temperature control for stable resist properties
  • Jet megasonic chamber with CO2 water rinse for pre-coat particle removal
  • 172 nm UV treatment to enhance pre-coat surface state and improve resist wettability
  • Integrated edge bead removal unit for precise resist trimming with sharp profiles
  • Class 1 chamber with amine filtration to ensure high quality coatings
  • Automated solvent rinse to maintain a clean and particle-free coating environment
  • Optional HMDS prime chamber to enhance resist adhesion
Applied Sigmameltec CTS Mask Coat Series