The Varian VIISta PLAD plasma-based doping technology enables high-dose doping, material modification, and sidewall doping solutions at high volumes.

The system delivers industry-leading dose retention and uniformity, with key features enabling the following benefits:

  • Pulsed DC bias for accurate energy, depth, and dose control with wide process window
  • Variable duty factor for enhanced process stability for all substrate types
  • Advanced RF technology to facilitate unique deposition and dopant profile control
  • VIISta HVMS for p-type, n-type, and material modification solutions across device types
  • High productivity for low-energy, high-dose process on multiple device types

It delivers device performance and yield enhancement through differentiated near-surface dopant profile tuning capability. VIISta PLAD technology utilizes the Varian Control System to deliver reliable high-volume solutions to customers worldwide. This commonality helps to shorten the time to production and enable applications across multiple device types.