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1967-1979: The Early Years

45 Years of Innovation

With more than 45 years of commitment to facilitating positive change through technological innovation, Applied has improved the way people learn, work and play. Technology is at the heart and soul of our DNA.

Using our guiding principles of energy efficiency, scale, design for the environment, and community involvement, we are creating change from nano scale to giga scale on a global scale. Creating breakthrough opportunities offering a cleaner, brighter future to the people around the world.

  • 1979

    Sales: $41.9M R&D: $5.4M 特許取得件数: 5
    Key Accomplishments
    • Established Applied Materials Japan
  • 1978

    Sales: $27.8M R&D: $3.6M 特許取得件数: 3
  • 1977

    Sales: $23.7M R&D: $2M 特許取得件数: 6
    Key Accomplishments
    • James C. Morgan named chief executive officer
  • 1976

    Sales: $16.9M R&D: $1.2M 特許取得件数: 7
    Key Accomplishments
    • First commercial plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system
  • 1975

    Sales: $13.1M R&D: $1.3M 特許取得件数: 8
    Key Accomplishments
    • Established Great Western Silicon, a joint venture with Fairchild to produce the polycrystalline silicon used to make silicon wafers
  • 1974

    Sales: $28.9M R&D: $1.4M 特許取得件数: 10
    Key Accomplishments
    • Moved into Building 1, a new facility on Bowers Avenue in Santa Clara, California, and consolidated all company activities under one roof
  • 1973

    Sales: $18.3M R&D: $992K 特許取得件数: 3
    Key Accomplishments
    • Launched the In-Source 1500 physical vapor deposition system, a radio frequency inductive-heated source for evaporated aluminum
  • 1972

    Sales: $6.3M R&D: $687K 特許取得件数: 3
    Key Accomplishments
    • Announced the company's first public stock offering
  • 1971

    Sales: $4.1M R&D: $707K 特許取得件数: 4
    Key Accomplishments
    • Launched the AMC 740 Isomax, the first commercial epitaxial reactor Japan
    • Opened first office in Europe
  • 1970

    Sales: $7.3M 特許取得件数: 5
    Key Accomplishments
    • First commercial production system for depositing films used in LED displays
  • 1969

    特許取得件数: 0
    Key Accomplishments
    • First radiantly-heated chemical vapor deposition reactor produced to build semiconductors
  • 1968

    特許取得件数: 0
    Key Accomplishments
    • Entered the chemical vapor deposition market with the AMS 2600 Silox reactor, the first commercial system for depositing a thin film of silicon dioxide onto the surface of a wafer
    • Introduced the AMV 800D vertical epitaxial reactor system, enabling processing of eight two-inch wafers at a time
  • 1967

    特許取得件数: 0
    Key Accomplishments
    • Began in a small industrial unit in Mountain View, California