Atomic-Scale Precision


Reflexion® LK CMP

As the industry’s leading 300mm CMP platform, the Reflexion LK CMP system has been thoroughly refreshed to incorporate the latest polishing, cleaning, and drying technologies. It maintains its place as the industry’s only three-platen sequential polishing platform, perfectly optimized for performance and productivity in three-step CMP applications. The platform continues to use the integrated post-CMP Desica® cleaner, which employs unique, full-immersion Marangoni vapor drying technology to virtually eliminate watermark defects and dramatically reduce particle contamination.

The Applied Reflexion LK CMP system also implements a full suite of endpoint methods, in-line metrology, and advanced process control capabilities that ensure excellent within-wafer and wafer-to-wafer process control and repeatability for all planarization applications. Its patented window-in-pad technology enables accurate real-time polish control of every wafer without compromising throughput. The new FullVision® XE and RTPC XE in-situ endpoint and profile control systems for all stop-in and stop-on dielectric and metal CMP applications use either broadband spectroscopy or Hall-Effect eddy current sensing technology to significantly improve Cpk (a measure of the ability of a process to produce output within a customer’s specification limits) and minimize wafer scrap caused by drifts and variations in CMP consumable sets and incoming wafer properties.

Reflexion LK CMP