ACE+ Suite:

CFD and Multiphysics Simulation Platform

Virtual prototypes producing real-world outcomes

ACE+ Suite: CFD and Multiphysics Simulation Platform

The drive for faster and cost-effective innovation propels the increasing complexity of engineering systems across industries, especially in the semiconductor sector. Computation fluid dynamics (CFD) and multiphysics simulations provide high-fidelity solutions at all stages of a product’s life cycle. These solutions serve as the foundational building blocks for emerging technologies such as digital twins, which leverage precise physics-based solutions to optimize performance and minimize costs. 

Applied Materials’ ACE+ Suite, an advanced multiphysics simulation platform, has been at the forefront of physics-based modeling innovation for over two decades. ACE+ Suite provides coupled simulations of fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electromagnetic and mechanical phenomena. These simulations can precisely replicate intricate systems spanning diverse spatial and temporal scales, empowering engineers and scientists to unlock previously unattainable insights into the complex behavior of engineering systems.

ACE+ Suite is the preferred choice for informed decisions that will optimize hardware design and process recipes, enhance performance and achieve cost reductions.

Key ACE+ Suite benefits:

  • Reduce physical tests with high fidelity virtual models

  • Accelerate time-to-market through faster virtual design iterations

  • Unlock product and /or process development cost efficiencies through dynamic virtual exploration

  • Minimize product and/or process operational costs by harnessing digital twins and IoT data

  • Drive innovation and mitigate risk through continuously updated physics-based digital twins






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