Producer® Celera PECVD

The Applied Producer Celera PECVD system offers industry-standard tunable compressive and tensile high-stress silicon nitride films for strain engineering applications at advanced nodes.

The system offers an integrated stress nitride deposition and UV cure that delivers tensile stress of up to 1.7GPa, while meeting low thermal budget requirements. The same chamber can deposit films with compressive stresses up to 3.5 GPa with extended RF capability. The process utilizes production-proven silane CVD technology to deliver superior step coverage (70%) and high-quality film with low hydrogen content while retaining excellent SiN etch-stop properties and pattern-loading results. The Applied Celera deposition and UV cure processes are integrated on the production-proven, high-throughput Producer platform with its flexible Twin Chamber® configuration and platform extendibility that enables customers to leverage the Producer toolset for multiple process nodes.

Producer Celera PECVD