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Applied Picosun Morpher P

Applied Picosun Morpher P system single wafer plasma enhanced ALD system is designed to disrupt the up to 200 mm wafer industries in IoT, Communications, Automotive, Power, and Sensors (ICAPS) markets. It enables an enhanced process window for demanding production of MEMS, sensors, LEDs, lasers, power electronics, optics, and 5G components with the leading process quality, reliability, and operational agility.

Applied Picosun Morpher P offers fully automated handling of wafers and an industry-standard single-wafer vacuum cluster platform. It can be combined with Applied MorpherBatch ALD, thermal batch wafer process module, or the Applied Picosun Morpher T, thermal single wafer ALD process module. A state-of-the-art, plasma source enables a wide process library without any damage to highly sensitive substrates and/or sub-layers. The compact, ergonomic design with easy and fast maintenance ensures minimum system downtime and low cost of ownership.

Picosun Morpher P