Tuning Materials for Device Optimization

Ion Implant

Ion implantation (a form of doping) is integral to integrated circuit manufacturing. As the complexity of chips has grown, so has the number of implant steps. Today, a CMOS integrated circuit with embedded memory may require up to 60 implants.

Applied’s portfolio comprises the four types of implant systems common in the industry. Three of these are line-of-sight beam line systems: high-current (for low-energy and/or high-dose applications); medium-current (for lower doses); high-energy (for very deep implants). The fourth uses plasma doping for applications requiring exceptionally high doses or conformal doping of regions that cannot be reached with the line-of-sight beam line systems (e.g., sidewall doping in three-dimensional fin field effect transistors). These systems deliver leading-edge beam angle control, dose control, uniformity, and wafer-to-wafer repeatability.