Aeris®-G Plasma Abatement System

Awareness of global warming is increasing, and the regulatory push to effect reduction is in full swing. Recognizing this, Applied Materials continues to search for proactive, cost-effective ways of reducing high global-warming potential (GWP) of the gaseous chemicals used, which includes perfluorocarbon compounds (PFCs), NF3 and SF6.

The Applied Aeris-G system is a pre-pump plasma abatement solution that uses less energy by treating the actual process gas volume—a smaller and more concentrated volume than what is treated by post-pump abatement units. The plasma dissociation combined with the low volume of nitrogen in the Aeris-G chamber during abatement minimizes NOx emissions to near zero. The Aeris-G unit operates "on-demand," further reducing operating costs compared to energy-hungry, continuous operation post-pump abatement.

The Aeris-G system can be installed within the pump footprint of each chamber. Ideal for existing tool installations, it easily fits into existing exhaust lines and requires only power, nitrogen, oxygen, cooling water and ultrapure water connections. For new tool installations, Aeris-G saves subfab space, reduces utility and exhaust connections, and minimizes installation costs while improving abatement efficiency.

  • Solid state match network; no moving parts

  • Controlled by proprietary interface, triggering operation with chamber processing

  • Process transparent; no impact to pump lifetime

  • Proven reliability of >99.9% uptime with over 4,000 units sold

  • Virtually eliminates VOC, COx and NOx emissions

  • Provides destruction removal efficiency (DRE) >95%, typical for CF4

  • Provides DRE >99%, typical for SF6, CHF3, C3F8, NF3, C4F8

  • Lowers utilities consumption and reduces CoO

  • Offers zero footprint with no floorspace required

  • Decreases factory carbon footprint compared to traditional burn wet abatement


Aeris-G Plasma Abatement System