February 27, 2018


Siobhan Kenney


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Celebrating Art and Technology in Filmmaking


by Siobhan Kenney

Feb 27, 2018

At the intersection of art, innovation and technology, anything becomes possible. In California’s Silicon Valley, the annual Cinequest Film & VR Festival showcases a combination of groundbreaking films and technology—connecting artists, innovators and audiences on a global scale.

Starting with an initial audience of fewer than 5,000 in 1990, the festival’s attendance now tops 100,000 people. The event’s celebration of the fusion and interplay of art and technology has grown, too.

Kicking off this week, Cinequest will feature both film and VR (virtual reality) content. Attendees can experience a range of VR cinema, choosing from several programs that focus on creative filmmaking, and visit a VR Experience Lounge that hosts immersive content—including gaming and industry-expert-led workshops exploring cutting-edge VR and AR (augmented reality) technologies and their creative possibilities.

Just as Cinequest celebrates and spurs innovation in filmmaking, Applied Materials enables the technologies that make possible today’s advances in digital cinema, displays and VR—and is driving the larger technology inflections that will lead to tomorrow’s increasingly dynamic entertainment.

As the boundaries of creative expression continue to expand, Applied Materials remains committed to operating with a sense of purpose and aligning who we are and what we stand for with what matters to our employees. This includes supporting the vibrancy of the arts and culture scene in regions near our offices around the world. We are pleased that the Applied Materials Foundation is a returning sponsor of Cinequest and look forward to the new cinematic and technological possibilities it will inspire.

Check out the Cinequest Film & VR Festival website for details on films, VR experiences, workshops and events scheduled from February 27 to March 11 in San Jose and Redwood City.


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Siobhan Kenney

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