Atomic-Scale Precision


Mirra CMP 200mm

The Applied Mirra CMP family of products delivers production-proven, high-performance 150mm and 200mm planarization for a wide variety of materials. The systems’ high-speed planarizing platens and multi-zone polishing heads enable superior uniformity and efficiency.

The Applied Mirra system for silicon, STI oxide, polysilicon, and tungsten applications integrates the post-CMP Mesa cleaner that effectively removes slurry, preventing residue formation and minimizing particles and water marks.

To facilitate such challenging applications as copper damasceneWLP, and MEMS, the Applied Mirra system is equipped with the Desica® cleaner with Marangoni vapor drying for fast, effective, watermark-free drying.

The new Applied Mirra Durum™ expands the Mirra CMP family specifically to address harder substrates, such as silicon carbide (SiC). It is a fully automated, dry in/dry out, production-proven system with integrated cleaning and drying, material removal measurement, and wafer ID reading for superior surface quality in high-volume manufacturing. Dedicated hardware is optimized for more aggressive slurries and chemistries. Recipe controlled “wafer flipping” enables automatic Si-face and C-face polishing. The system is readily convertible from 150mm to 200mm wafers with no productivity loss.

All Applied Mirra systems offer options for endpoint monitoring, in-line metrology, and advanced process control that deliver excellent within-wafer and wafer-to-wafer process stability and repeatability for all planarization applications. Further options for advanced polishing technologies like Applied Materials’ Profiler and Titan Contour™ heads and multi-platen configurations facilitate meeting key uniformity metrics by tuning removal rates across the wafer surface to within 3mm of the wafer edge.

Mirra Mesa CMP 200mm