Centura® Ultima HDP CVD®

The Applied Centura Ultima HDP CVD 200mm and 300mm systems deliver a high-density plasma CVD process. It has been the industry-leading workhorse delivering high-quality dielectric films and void-free gapfill. Its reactor enables customers to achieve the productivity, cost-efficiency, and extendibility needed for multi-generation manufacturing.

The Ultima HDP system features dual RF coils for superior gap-fill capability across the wafer; its innovative electrostatic chuck enables excellent film quality and uniformity; combined with remote plasma clean, it delivers exceptional defect and mean-wafer-between-clean performance.

The product’s advanced technology enables deposition of both undoped and doped films for a wide range of applications, including STIPMDILDIMD, and passivation. Its versatility further extends to etchback and high-density plasma treatment for improved film quality.

Centura Ultima HDP CVD