The AKT-PiVot System 25K DT PVD, 55K DT PVD and 100K PVD deposit critical film layers such as ITO, IGZO and Metal that create TFTs and interconnects for glass sizes from Gen6 (1500x1850 mm²), Gen8.5 (2200x2500 mm²) up to Gen11 (2940x3370 m²) respectively. The superior uniformity, particle and stability performance of the AKT-PiVot enables to support production of next generation TV flat panel driving technology roadmaps for higher resolution with small transistor as well as higher frame rates.

Proprietary rotary cathode technology offers precise motion of magnets to modulate layer properties achieving superior film homogeneity in particular mura-free IGZO film solving a critical challenge for MOx LCD and OLED panel production. Furthermore the rotary technology allows greater than 70% target utilization to provide significant savings in expensive target material compared to planar targets. As TFTs get smaller and substrates get larger, the impact of uniformity and particles on yield is significantly magnified. The systems’ self-cleaning rotary targets deliver notably fewer defects.