August 27, 2020


Chris Librie


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Demonstrating our Commitment to Sustainability


by Chris Librie

Aug 27, 2020

Today, Applied Materials published its latest Sustainability Report, covering our most recent environmental and social impact activities. We’ve been reporting on social responsibility and environmental matters since 2005, and this year’s edition marks several substantial steps forward for Applied.

The company recently announced major new sustainability goals and initiatives that will be driven within Applied Materials and in collaboration with suppliers, customers and the computing industry. These include steps to increase renewable energy use and reduce emissions in our operations, in customer facilities and throughout the supply chain. We’ve set stretch targets and committed to transparency and training in building a stronger culture of inclusion. And we’ve launched comprehensive programs for our supply chain and product design teams to drive environmental and social impact throughout the ecosystem.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Committed to achieve 100% renewable energy sourcing worldwide and a 50% reduction in carbon emissions in our operations by 2030
  • Launched the SuCCESS2030 supply chain sustainability initiative in partnership with major suppliers
  • Set a “3 by 30” goal to increase the eco-performance of our manufacturing systems, eliminate waste and drive greater productivity in our customers’ facilities. On a per-wafer basis we are targeting a 30-percent reduction in equivalent energy consumption along with a 30-percent reduction in chemical consumption and a 30-percent increase in throughput density by 2030
  • Focused our company, our strategy and our investments to build a strong pipeline of innovations that will help enable sustainable AI

All these initiatives reinforce Applied’s new vision to “Make Possible a Better Future.”

The Sustainability Report not only discusses these forward-looking objectives, but also recaps Applied’s significant sustainability progress during 2019, including the wide-ranging social impact of corporate giving and the Applied Materials Foundation.

For the first time, the report includes data tables and complete GRI and SASB indexes to enable outside agencies to quantitatively evaluate Applied’s many achievements in sustainability and social impact.

And what really comes through loud and clear in this report is the fact that ESG requires teamwork from across the company. The ESG team consists of leaders from our business units, Environmental, Health and Safety, HR, legal, quality and supply chain as well as the Applied Materials Foundation.

We’re proud of this alignment and dedication to Applied’s vision to Make Possible a Better Future, and we invite you to read more about our journey here.

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Chris Librie

Senior Director of ESG, Corporate Sustainability and Reporting


Chris Librie is senior director of ESG, corporate sustainability and reporting. Prior to joining Applied Materials in 2020, Chris led ESG and corporate sustainability programs at Samsung Semiconductor, eBay and HP Inc. He holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Pennsylvania.

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