Special Flexible Packaging


Applied Materials systems are flexible and customizable enough to support industry trends to thinner and polyolefin based solutions that meet the drive for recyclability and mono materials, whilst still meeting barrier requirements and lowest consumption of raw materials and energy.

Simplify and lightweight your packaging, reduce your energy needs and environmental footprint and still meet your customer requirements using:

  • TopMet™ CLEAR for transparent AlOx barrier layers (deposited with or without high power plasma assistance)
  • TopBeam™ for high speed advanced coatings for different types of transparent (oxide) coatings on packaging materials
  • TopCoil™ for “pinhole free“ evaporation by inductively heated crucibles, for aluminum and other materials
  • Nexus E™ option for TopMet™offers enhanced adhesion of vacuum deposited layer and passivation of Al layer for improved barrier
  • Metacoat™ In-Chamber topcoated Al or AlOx. Ten times improvement in OTR, improvement in WVTR, ultimate mechanical and vapor barrier protection and improved printability