Building Incredible Products

World-class Manufacturing

Applied Materials leads the world in manufacturing semiconductor and display equipment. At our advanced manufacturing facilities around the globe, we assemble, integrate and test various proprietary and commercial parts, components and subassemblies that are used to manufacture systems that make chips used in many of today’s electronics.

We are pioneering new ways to improve the performance, power, yield and cost of semiconductor chips using both cutting edge and mature process technologies. And we’re doing it all while carefully managing resources and reducing waste.


Innovation Driven Manufacturing

Our customers value us as partners who unlock the power of their ideas. Manufacturing semiconductor equipment that brings materials science to life requires creativity, ingenuity and teamwork. Our state-of-the-art innovation-driven manufacturing ecosystem leads the industry in meeting the needs of rapidly evolving end markets. Applied is making multi-billion-dollar investments to expand its global manufacturing capacity in the U.S. and Singapore between now and 2030. This will enhance customer collaboration and enable us to significantly increase our capacity to meet the growing worldwide demand for semiconductors.

Sophisticated Solutions from
Creative Teams 

Every day our manufacturing teams rise to the challenge of building systems that meet our customers’ needs for highly specialized solutions. The assembled systems may look similar, but the value comes in the sophisticated ways we seamlessly incorporate their many unique requirements. Our processes are always evolving as we constantly strive for improvement. Every team member is vital in seeing and producing solutions in this high-tech manufacturing environment. Creativity and ingenuity are key as dynamic changes require quick solutions to optimize the supply chain, fine-tune specifications, and build tools to meet our customers exact expectations.  

Manufacturing people

Manufacturing in the Twenty-First Century

Successfully building and shipping tools to meet our customer commitments involves complex operations with many moving parts. We optimize our facilities and processes to ensure quality, efficiency, and safety. Our team values ongoing training to help us learn faster and produce results sooner. 

We rely on proprietary productivity systems to ensure quality and efficiency for customers as well as safety for our people. These systems, in combination with advanced automation tools, keep us in lockstep with our logistics partners at every step of the process. Having the right parts at the right place and at the right time can be extraordinarily complicated.  Our robust logistics infrastructure and use of advanced modelling and technology allow us to optimize parts delivery for our customers.  

We do more than just enable AI and VR technologies for our customers; we use these technologies for virtual reviews to explore new solutions in our manufacturing processes. Virtual manufacturing expands the manufacturing skill set among our team. 

We are taking an end-to-end, data-driven approach to identify opportunities to innovate across our full network of manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain—and focusing where we can have the greatest impact.

We Care About the World Around Us

Our commitment is to make possible a better future through innovations that help empower a more sustainable and equitable world. We believe that diverse perspectives and agile teams bring about the strongest solutions. In our labs and manufacturing facilities around the world, we have site-specific targets to help us improve our use of renewable energy, reduce water consumption, recycle, and minimize product and packaging materials.

We are committed to boosting manufacturing efficiency and reducing equivalent energy consumption. We have invested in logistics infrastructure to reduce our transportation footprint, used wind turbines to power some of our operations, and committed to reducing the chemical impacts of semiconductor manufacturing.

What will you Make Possible today? 

Do you want to put the “make” in Make Possible? A career in manufacturing at Applied provides daily opportunities to innovate and build. Our training begins on day one and opportunities are available to you throughout your career, empowering you to reach your full potential. 

Global Presence for
Local Access

We have volume manufacturing facilities in the United States, and Singapore, with additional manufacturing facilities in Germany, Israel, Italy, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.