Applied Materials
South East Asia

Applied Materials South East Asia is a strategic hub for Applied Materials, consisting of diverse business activities across headquarter functions, manufacturing, R&D and field services in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Singapore is the regional headquarters for Applied Materials.

We are the largest employer and contributor to the output of Singapore’s semiconductor equipment industry.



Since its establishment in 1991, Applied Materials South East Asia has grown in tandem with Singapore’s economy. Today, the Singapore Operations Center is Applied’s largest manufacturing facility outside the United States, responsible for half of our global semiconductor equipment production. Our R&D centers in Singapore advance key materials engineering innovation for our global businesses.

Applied Materials was bestowed the 2019 Distinguished Partner in Progress Award by the Singapore Economic Development Board for the significant economic and community contribution.



Founded: 1991 with regional headquarters in Singapore


R&D Centers: 4



Southeast Asia Presence:
Six offices across Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore


Singapore manufacturing accounts for ~50% of global semiconductor equipment output


Applied Materials
South East Asia
30th Anniversary

2021 brings a new milestone – the 30th Anniversary of Applied Materials South East Asia. A big thank you to employees, customers, suppliers and partners.​



Singapore Manufacturing was established in 2010 as a worldwide hub for semiconductor equipment operations and is Applied’s largest manufacturing facility outside the United States. In 2019, Applied embarked on a Smart Factory journey, transforming our current processes with Industry 4.0. By deploying automation, live dashboards, data analytics and intelligence, we future-proof ourselves as a connected, agile and responsive Smart Factory, further strengthening our leading competitive advantage.

Our Focus


Developing Talents
We are part of Singapore’s rich talent ecosystem through collaborations with local education institutes. Applied Materials South East Asia creates a future-forward workforce where employees can perform their best work and enjoy the opportunity to succeed and thrive in R&D, Field Services, Manufacturing and Corporate functions.

Inspiring Innovation
We collaborate closely with research institutes and institutes of higher learning in Singapore. Currently, we have four joint labs, established in collaboration with A*STAR and the National University of Singapore: Applied Packaging Development Center, Applied Materials - NUS Advanced Materials Corporate Lab, Advanced Semiconductor R&D Lab, and Veranome Biosystems Lab.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We make a positive contribution to Singapore, Malaysia and the Phillippines by supporting employees volunteering their time and our partnerships with local non-profit organizations.


Diversty and Inclusion


At Applied, we respect each individual, welcome diversity and embrace different perspectives as a key component of innovation, knowing our differences are our greatest strength.

We nurture an inclusive and supportive environment for professional and personal growth through various Employee Resource Groups such as Women’s Professional Development Network (WPDN), Professional and Technical Network (PTN) and Zealously Energize through Sports and Teamwork (ZEST).