Advanced Processes


Applied Materials develops and manufactures complete solutions to address the ultimate technical challenges in printed electronics. We can support customers from feasibility studies with a dedicated process engineering team through proof-of-concept verification to prototyping. In parallel, the engineers will design and develop complete hardware solutions for your high-volume manufacturing needs.

The advanced process capabilities are also made possible thanks to the ecosystem built in more than twenty years of leadership in advanced screen-printing: from materials suppliers to screen/stencil manufacturers to research institutes and Universities, Applied will identify the proper solution to solve customers' high-value problems.

We offer a set of proprietary processes to accomplish the ultimate PE industry challenges, such as:

  • Fine line printing down to 15 μm and line/spacing down to 30/30 μm
  • Wrap around electrodes, or side wiring, entirely performed with screen printing
  • High aspect ratio printing, enabled by our proprietary process of double and multiple printing
  • High aspect ratio (up to 10) via filling
  • Direct Patterning/Masking down to 30 μm


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