Pika PVD


The Applied Pika PVD system is the smallest, fastest, single-wafer PVD tool in the industry today, designed for high-performance R&D and low-volume production at low cost of ownership. The compact system (1657mm x 755mm x 1822mm) incorporates degas, preclean, and sputter deposition modules with a high-vacuum robotic transfer chamber and full cassette-to-cassette automation. It has demonstrated high reliability, with more than 92% uptime.

Options for a variety of PVD sputter sources are available, including DC, pulse DC, RF sputter, with metal or reactive sputter processes capable of co-sputtering alloys of metals and oxides. D-source magnetron technology with proven process flows permits the deposition of a variety of single- and multilayer films on substrates of silicon, glass, organic material, metal, and gallium arsenide or other III-V compounds. The Pika system’s plug-and-play design minimizes setup time.