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Applied® Picosun® Morpher F

Applied® Picosun® Morpher™ F product platform is designed to disrupt thermal batch ALD for the up to 200 mm wafer industries in IoT, Communications, Automotive, Power, and Sensors (ICAPS) markets. It enables fast, fully automatic, high throughput production of MEMS, sensors, LEDs, lasers, power electronics, optics, and 5G components with the leading process quality, reliability, and operational agility.

Applied Picosun Morpher F adapts to the changing needs of your industry and the requirements of your customers, on all business verticals from advanced R&D to production and foundry manufacturing. The leading versatility in substrate materials, substrate and batch size, and the wide process range make Morpher truly a transformable, all-inclusive ALD tool to keep you spearheading your industry.

Applied Picosun Morpher F is designed for fully automated handling of wafer batches in combination with a single wafer vacuum cluster platform. Revolutionary, wafer batch flipping mechanism enables integration of the system with semiconductor manufacturing lines where most of the processing takes place in horizontal geometry. It can be combined with Applied® Picosun® Morpher P, plasma PEALD single wafer process module, or the Applied® Picosun® Morpher T, thermal ALD single wafer process module.

With our dual-chamber, hot-wall reactor design with fully separated precursor conduits and inlets, we create the highest quality ALD films with excellent yield, low particle levels, and superior electrical and optical performance. The compact, ergonomic design with easy and fast maintenance ensures minimum system downtime and low cost-of-ownership.

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