Applied Materials Italy


Founded in Milan in the 1980s, Applied Materials Italia has grown to be present in five different locations across the country: Agrate Brianza (Milan region), Treviso, Reggio Emiia, L’Aquila and Catania.  

customer support

Applied has been a driving force in the development of the semiconductor industry in the country, as well as the software and applications markets that surround it. We foster long-term relationships with our customers by providing support for their innovation through our own capabilities and by leveraging a global network of specialists with unmatched knowledge and insights.

Our Focus


We operate at the center of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Our team of experts, including technologists and systems and software engineers, work closely with customers to anticipate, and solve manufacturing challenges, resulting in more efficient equipment and factories. Services range from sales and installation to system upgrades and preventive maintenance, as well as engagement in new R&D projects.

We also have a repair center in our site in Treviso, the first of its kind in Europe, that brings an added component in the way we enable our customers to stay ahead in their industry.

Modelling and Simulation Software and Applications

Our team in Reggio supports the semiconductor industry and develops software for simulating materials and devices, to push the limits of the technology that we use. Our efforts are critical in enhancing R&D efficiency and delivering new device technologies to the market quicker. The combined knowledge and expertise of our application engineers and software development teams is responsible for designing and implementing Applied's Ginestra™ software for materials-device simulation - the only company to do so in Reggio.