Applied Materials Italy

Applied Materials Italy is a strategic partner and enabler to the semiconductor industry in this country and to the global solar industry. Our first facility was established in Milan in 1980 to support the growing semiconductor business. Since then, the company has expanded to serve semiconductor, solar and semiconductor software/applications markets.

Our headquarters are now in Treviso, which is also home to Applied’s Solar Systems operations. In areas surrounding Milan, Avezzano and Catania we support a large and growing number of prominent semiconductor and IC manufacturers specializing in high-demand technologies to enable innovative IoT, communication, automotive, power and sensor applications. Applied’s team in Reggio Emilia focuses on advanced software development and applications designed to accelerate technology innovations for the global semiconductor industry.







Full Time Employees and Interns



Treviso (Headquarters), Milan,
Avezzano, Catania, Reggio Emilia


Our Focus


Semiconductor and Microchip Manufacturing Systems

Applied Materials Italy teams collaborate with customers to predict and solve manufacturing challenges and help make their equipment and factories more productive. From sales, installation, and production ramp; to system upgrades, preventive maintenance and engagement on new R&D projects, Applied technologists and systems and software engineers serve customers in their fabs across the country and around the clock.


Advanced Solar Cell R&D and Manufacturing Systems

Operating from our facility in Treviso, Applied’s solar technology business unit is a market leader in advanced screen printing, integrated metallization systems and LTCC automated equipment; and a technology leader in advanced cell manufacturing and related processes. With an installed base of over 1,800 locations worldwide, Applied Materials solar systems have produced more than 70 billion solar cells and continue to develop solutions that will accelerate solar innovation.


Modeling and Simulation Software and Applications

Our team in Reggio is focused on creating software for simulations of materials and devices to accelerate semiconductor industry technology development. Their work is critical to the improvement of R&D efficiency and speeding time to market for new device technologies. Our application engineers and software development teams are dedicated to design and deployment of Applied’s Ginestra™ materials-device simulation software.

Industry-Academia Partnerships

Applied Materials Italy actively participates in cooperative research and development programs between industry and educational institutions to stimulate growth through people, innovation and technologies.

Under the Horizon 2020 European Union Funding for Research & Innovation program, Applied Materials Italy has partnered with the INTERSECT project for development of an Interoperable Material-to-Device simulation box for disruptive electronics and related programs.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Applied Materials and its employees across Italy contribute annually to programs and organizations that support the local and national community and those in need. In Italy, Applied Materials employees are especially dedicated to preserving and cleaning-up the environment. Annually, in addition to corporate contributions, our employees and their families contribute money and organize volunteer efforts to support Italy’s “Clean Up the World” campaign, designed to remove litter and high volumes of waste from local green areas.