Applied Materials Greece


In Greece, Applied Materials has manufacturing, along with research and development facilities in three main locations: Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.

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Applied Materials Greece is focused on accelerating AI integration from Cloud to Edge and increase the value of materials engineering innovations. This enhances our design proficiency and bridges the gap between systems and materials to offer trailblazing solutions to our customers.

For instance, we accelerate innovation, learn from, and collaborate with innovative start-ups and R&D outfits at events like ‘Atoms to Algos’ which showcases transformative technology and thought leadership in the industry. It’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to R&D and levelling up our expertise and skills to help pave the way for the fourth era of computing.

Our Focus

Customer and Product Support

In Greece, we create more value for our customers across the world by providing ultra-low power GPU IP.

This technology by Think Silicon, an Applied Materials company, reduces costs and extends the battery life of products and is used in a wide range of embedded small display IoT applications, such as smartwatches, mobility screens, PoS/POI and industrial and entertainment displays. Our materials engineering expertise improves the performance and weight of products, making them lighter and faster, thereby resulting in the development of more sustainable processes and products. Software engineers in our team go beyond; the work at Applied AI is not limited to manufacturing tools, we extend our expertise to design, implement, sell, support and scale them. It enables our customers to realize more value and pursue immense potential.

Read more about Think Silicon’s technology here:

Industry/Academia Partnerships

Applied Materials is deeply invested in R&D. In partnership with the School of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki we aim to solve key engineering challenges of ultra-low power graphics processing and AI workloads. Our sponsored research program concentrates on multicore design, memory systems and embedded software and compilers. We've expanded our connections to leading European universities and research institutes through research collaborations and involvement in various Horizon 2020 European research and innovation programs.