Applied Materials Germany


Germany is our largest European operation. With facilities in three key regions (Bavaria, Hesse and Saxony), Applied Materials serves customers across Germany and nearby areas. 

We Are Applied Germany
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Our cutting-edge research equips us to deliver world-class performance in engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of complex semiconductor, display and vacuum coating systems. We develop new processes, design the systems, and improvise better solutions to enable the intelligence that powers every electronic device

Our Focus

Customer and Product Support

Our Dresden facility provides sales support, system installation, maintenance, software and other services for our semiconductor production equipment. The facility is conveniently located near several of our major customers in Central Europe and some of the world’s premier semiconductor device manufacturers. We provide state-of-the-art technological resources anticipate and understand the needs of our customers and help them build the semiconductor chips powering IoT, communication, automotive, power and sensor.

Manufacturing and R&D

In Alzenau, we develop roll-to-roll vacuum coating systems for foils and flexible substrates offer coatings for a broad scope of applications, from architectural designs to packaging solutions, notably for the display industry.

In Darmstadt, Applied Materials develops innovative contactless motion systems using magnetic bearings to improve our manufacturing processes together with our vacuum systems. These levitation-systems are used in display- and semiconductor-applications for substrate-, wafer- or mask-transport. They require ultra-clean and ultra-high vacuum environments where conventional means of transportation are too “dirty” and would impose a risk on production yield. The range of end-user products manufactured in said systems goes from memory chips to CPUs and displays for smart-watches and VR-goggles to monitors and TVs

In Munich, we work in close collaboration with our global network of experts. We research, develop and manufacture high vacuum electron beam columns from two locations, Feldkirchen and Heimstetten. These solutions are then shipped to our semiconductor metrology and inspection operations in Israel, and to our display and test equipment manufacturing sites in Taiwan, for integration into advanced semiconductor production equipment. The technology that we develop in Munich can detect particles as small as 1nm in size on a 300mm silicon wafer - the equivalent of finding a single grain of sand in a football stadium!