Applied Materials France


Applied Materials France is in the Grenoble-Alpes region to leverage the rapidly growing semiconductor industry and research opportunities in the region.

equipment in cleanroom
equipment in cleanroom
equipment in cleanroom

Since 1978, Applied Materials has been a key player in France's semiconductor ecosystem, starting with a sales and service operation near Paris. In 1992, we formed Applied Materials France, expanded our operations, and relocated to Grenoble to take advantage of the rapidly growing semiconductor industry and research opportunities in the region. Today, our expertise in materials engineering enables our customers in France and across the world to stretch the possibilities of technology and make the world we live in smarter, faster, more powerful and more connected.

We deliver a wide range of solutions to our customers, from research and development (R&D) process and equipment engineering, to advanced remote and on-site maintenance services. These services enable our customers to produce the semiconductors that fuel technological innovations and progresses. 

Our Focus

Customer and Product Support

Applied teams collaborate with our customers as well as our extensive global infrastructure supply chain to provide innovation, continuous improvement, and sustainable solutions. We’re proud to support the commitments of the Investments for the Future Programmes - France 2030, to generate growth and employment in technology in the country.

Industry/Academia Partnerships

As an active participant in the Minatec Grenoble Innovation Cluster, Applied Materials plays a key role in this joint initiative between government, industry and academia dedicated to developing advanced materials, testing applications and improving processes for micro and nanotechnology research and applications. To support this effort, we provide investments in specialized equipment, engineering capabilities, and expertise for R&D initiatives and advanced technology pilot lines.