Applied Materials Finland


From Espoo, a town located in the South of the country, Applied Materials focuses on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems and processes.


We provide a broad technology portfolio for specialty chips which addresses the growing need for innovation in semiconductors that serve the IoT, Communications, Automotive, Power and Sensor (ICAPS) markets. Learn more here:

Our Focus

Customer and Product Support

We aim to be a trusted partner for our customers throughout their entire ALD process, from the beginning to delivery and beyond. ALD is our area of expertise, and we approach it with extensive knowledge and enthusiasm to guarantee safe operations and minimize overall costs.

ALD is already being utilized in LEDs, OLEDs, power devices, MEMS and medical technology. We work closely with customers to continuously improve our products, and to create new and unique ALD-based solutions that will help shape the future of numerous industries.