Applied Materials Belgium


In Belgium, Applied Materials provides support for our local semiconductor manufacturing customers, industry and research partnerships. 


Applied Materials leads the installation of Applied equipment, as part of the Belgium-based IMEC international R&D and innovation hub for nanoelectronics and digital technologies. 

We work closely with academia, governments and a global network of experts to create the tools that stretch the possibilities of technology.

Our Focus

Customer and Product Support

The research and development (R&D) support team collaborates with our global network of innovators and experts to provide world-class technical expertise for all Applied Materials semiconductors production equipment. We accomplish this through a combination of on-site and advanced remote diagnostics technologies to support our customers through every step in the process to power the moment and the future. 

Industry/Academia Partnerships

Applied Materials has been a part of IMEC's research and development initiative since its establishment in 1984. Today, our team in Belgium works closely with IMEC's development staff and has access to a network of over 5000 scientists from 96 countries, as well as 600 industry partners and a global academic network, to advance their research in nanoelectronics and digital technologies.