Botticelli LED Solar Simulator

Applied's light-emitting diode (LED) Solar Simulator is a class A+A+A+ LED-based flasher for IV testing and PV cells classification.

Based on LED technology, there is no limitation on flash length, providing the perfect solution for all cell technologies that require long exposure times than can be done with conventional Xenon lamp simulators. Lamp lifetime (> 100 million flashes) is significantly longer than Xenon bulbs. The LED simulator can be equipped with embedded electroluminescence (EL) tool for automatic detection of defects using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms.

Our LED simulator can be used for IV testing of cells up to 230 mm x 230 mm and is available in a bifacial configuration with two water-cooled LED lamps to maintain the light intensity stability without drift. Independent control of single wavelengths and lamp zones can correct and adjust lamp spectral and space uniformity over time.

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