October 09, 2020


Julie Lata


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Hope for a More Equitable Future


by Julie Lata

Oct 09, 2020

Things can feel heavy these days. But there is also light and opportunity—and it is more important than ever to celebrate the powerful work girls and girl-serving organizations are doing to create a more equitable future.

In celebration of International Day of the Girl on October 11, here are a few anecdotes from Applied Materials employees and leaders in the girls empowerment field on why the current generation of girls gives them hope:


This generation of girls and young women are full of creativity and curiosity. They are unstoppable. This gives me hope!

– Pamela P. Carter, Austin Employee                        

I see their tenacity and confidence, which gives me hope that they will do more to stand up for themselves and others then we have done in the past. 

– Marla Britt Fields, Silicon Valley Employee

I see a trend of increasing displays of strength and bravery and, at the same time, diminishing tolerances for accepting the status quo.

– Erika Hansen, Silicon Valley Employee                           

Our current generation of girls gives me hope when they develop the confidence to use their voice and make the world a better place.

– Julia Cuba Lewis, Girls Empowerment Network Executive Director

Even during a pandemic, even in the face of continued racial injustice, girls are defining themselves for themselves, replacing concepts of diversity with identity expansiveness and radical belonging, organizing their peers for civic action and engagement, using technology to connect in new ways, finding joy, and leading us toward a brighter future for all.

– Emma Mayerson, Alliance for Girls Executive Director

I see a strong and vibrant group of young women that challenge the status quo and will not be denied an equal playing field.

– Marisela Rios, Austin Employee




It gives me hope to see this generation of girls and young women so active and passionate about social justice causes. It’s contagious.

– Stuardo Robles, Silicon Valley Employee

Resilience! Today’s young ladies seem to take in stride what trips up so many of us adults. They adapt to new technologies, social norms and structures, in addition to the HUGE amount of data and opinions constantly coming at them over social media.

– Callie Schieffer, Kalispell Employee

We’re inspired every day by the leadership of today’s generation of girls and join them in reimagining a better, more just world for all.

Learn more about the Applied Materials Foundation’s Generation Girl™ initiative, and follow us on Twitter @Applied4Good.

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Julie Lata

Program Manager, Global Community Affairs


As a Global Community Affairs Manager, Julie leads strategic community investments in Silicon Valley and the Applied Materials Foundation’s Generation Girl® initiative, inspiring girls to pursue their dreams. In her spare time, Julie enjoys practicing yoga, running, and spending time with friends and family.

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