Nick Parisi

MD, Semiconductor Products Group

Nick Parisi is managing director for Software Engineering in the Implant Business Unit at Applied Materials, Inc. He leads the software group responsible for product control systems.

Prior to Applied’s acquisition of Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates in November 2011, Mr. Parisi was director of Software Engineering at Varian where he led the development of equipment control software.

Mr. Parisi has over 30 years of experience in research, development and engineering. He began his career at Varian in 1979 as an intern where he developed the first ever recipe editor, implant monitor, implant logging and statistical reporting system for implanters. He went on to hold various engineering and management roles, including software engineer, engineering manager for RTP products and engineering manager for E-Series products. He led the development of control systems for many Varian products, including architecting the Varian Control System, which became the basis for all products from 1999 going forward. In 2007 he was named a Varian Fellow.

From 1983 – 2000, Mr. Parisi served on the SEMI Standards Information & Control Committee. He received a bachelor of science degree in physics from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and a master of science degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania. He also authored a patent for the method and apparatus for controlling a system using hierarchical state machines.