Applied Tempo Presto


Tempo Presto Large Wafers (LW) is the current masterpiece platform for solar cells metallization; the main architectural breakthrough is replacing the rotary table with Volo Nest: 2 independent shuttles driven by linear motors. Besides throughput and repeatability, this solution is characterized by high flexibility in wafers format from 156 mm up to 230 mm with limited hardware and software tuning. Compared to the legacy platforms (Tempo 2.x series), the printer features multiple novelties:

  • Lighter shuttle structure, higher velocity and shorter path, thus enabling the highest throughput of 8,000 wafers per hour (wph) on M6 wafer format
  • Higher printing repeatability of ±5 μm
  • Improved ergonomics and accessibility As for drying ovens, Applied Materials offers in its portfolio three different solutions designed for each specific processes of passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) technology.

The Tempo Presto LW comes with a complete ecosystem of metrology, alignment and Industry 4.0 solutions: automatic scale, post-print automated optical inspection (AOI), breakage/chipping inspection, screen breakage detection and loads more.

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