Heterojunction Solutions


PV manufacturers are competing against each other in a constant race to increase cell efficiency. This challenge is driving the transition from mainstream passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) cells to Heterojunction (HJ) cells.

HJ solar cells pose specific challenges to equipment manufacturers in printing parameters, thin wafers handling and thermal process window.

Applied Materials offers a dedicated version of the Tempo Presto metallization line designed explicitly for HJ cells with multiple solutions for drying ovens and two alternative designs for curing ovens. Our systems, process development and integration, know-how combine to simplify the transition to higher efficiency, advanced cell architectures for the final customers.


The printer, capable to deliver up to 6,000 wph, is characterized by many novelties for the legacy rotary table:

  • Lighter shuttle structure for higher flexibility in format change: from 162 mm to 210 mm with limited tuning
  • Higher printing repeatability of ±5 μm
  • Improved ergonomics and accessibility

Moving to the drying ovens, Applied Baccini® offers two differentiated solutions to meet specific customer requirements:

  • Short profile oven with linear belt
  • A hot-air, cassette type oven with a drying time ranging from 5 to 8 minutes

For the curing process, we offer our well-established hot-air cassette-type oven. Its latest version oven can process all wafer formats from 162 mm to 210 mm, featuring high-temperature uniformity (+/- 3°C) and a maximum curing time of 40 minutes.

For more information, contact solar@amat.com.