Applied TopMet

Thermal boat evaporation system for Al and AlOx flexible barrier layers

With a coating speed of up to 20 meters per second, unparalleled productivity and winner of numerous design awards, the TopMet represents true excellence in engineering. Applied Materials’ web coating products with more than 60 years of experience and over 700 systems installed worldwide, lead the market of roll-to-roll vacuum coating and metallizing solutions.



  • Dual process, configurable for metallic-and AlOx-ECON transparent-deposition up to 4450mm coating width
  • Vacuum metallizer with proven technology combining highest flexibility, productivity, quality, etc.
  • High rate evaporation for superior productivity
  • Advanced substrate pre- and post- treatment options
  • Applied Material’s patented Nexus E technology was developed to permit fully automated pre-treatment of polymeric web materials and subsequent metallization with up to 4 x improvements in both barrier performance and bond strength. This performance enhancement has been demonstrated for a wide variety of substrates, including PET, BOPP, CPP & PE.
Applied TopMet