Producer® BLOk PECVD

The Applied Producer BLOk (barrier low-k) PECVD system produces the industry's leading ultra-low-k copper barrier and etch stop films for damascene interconnect applications. With the Producer's Twin Chamber® architecture, each wafer undergoes a patented in-situ copper oxide removal process prior to BLOk deposition, ensuring excellent adhesion to copper or cobalt to reduce electromigration.

BLOk films enable significant reductions in the capacitance of the dielectric film stack, while maintaining excellent etch selectivity and electrical performance for continued RC scaling. Proven surface preparation and initiation layer processes enable BLOk to be readily integrated with Black Diamond®, ensuring a smooth generational transition for applications at 45nm and beyond.

On the production-proven, high-throughput Producer platform up to six wafers can be processed simultaneously for superior productivity and significant reduction in cost of ownership with high system reliability. Platform extendibility enables customers to leverage the Producer toolset for multiple process nodes.

Producer BLOk PECVD