VeritySEM® 6C Critical Dimension (CD) Metrology

As the products we use and the world around us get smarter each year, there is an increasing demand for chips based on compound semiconductors to increase device capabilities and performance.  SiC and GaN are some popular compound semiconductors powering electrification and autonomous applications in the automotive industry, GaAs and GaN in next-generation displays, GaN-on-SiC in 5G/6G wireless communications and various other IoT and renewable energy driven applications. 

Manufacturing compound semiconductors in high volume poses challenges for process control, since devices are fabricated on different wafer sizes with a wide range of thicknesses, opacity,  conductivity… and may include a mix of 2D and 3D structures. Patterns typically vary between 0.1um to >100um in size and require extremely tight process variations that are critical for device performance. A CD-SEM (critical dimension scanning electron microscope) that is versatile in wafer handling and measurements can be tailored for compound semiconductors and address the varying degree of metrology and is essential for a reliable high productivity process control.  

 As an extension of the popular VeritySEM 6i system that is used by most chipmakers worldwide, the Applied VeritySEM 6C CD metrology system enables advanced metrology and process control of compound semiconductor fabrication, such as SiC, GaN and GaAs.  The automatic wafer handling system self-adjusts to support 6’’, 8’’ and 12’’ wafer diameters of varying electrical and physical characteristics, such as wafer thickness and warpage. The VeritySEM 6C system also delivers high imaging resolution and detection efficiency to maximize throughput, while advanced automation and industry-leading fleet matching accuracy virtually eliminate the need for tool operators.  Precision specifications enable the VeritySEM 6C system to make state-of-the-art 3D and high aspect ratio (HAR) pattern measurements required by many device structures, including vertical transistors in power devices. 

VeritySEM 6C CD Metrology