VIISta® 900XP

The VIISta 900XP delivers precision, cleanliness, productivity, and production worthiness in the medium current ion implantation market. In addition, an extended energy range that allows for operation at 300keV and 600keV with + and ++ charge states, respectively, makes the VIISta 900XP more productive than traditional batch high-energy tools for sub-MeV well applications.

Repeatable and accurate implant angle control is critical for precision doping in high-volume manufacturing of advanced devices. The Varian Positioning System (VPS) ensures the required level of control over the full applications envelope.

The VIISta 900XP features the cleanest beam line in the industry. A filter magnet removes the majority off cross-species right at the source. The dual-magnet architecture isolates the wafer from beam-borne metals, particles, and other contamination in the analyzer magnet and the mass-resolving aperture regions.

The VIISta 900XP offers industry-leading 500WPH mechanical throughput. Single-wafer parallel path wafer handling, fast beam set-up times, and an option for higher beam current add to the tool's impressive overall productivity.