Producer® Avila® PECVD

The Applied Producer Avila PECVD system's family of high-quality oxide and nitride films meet the low thermal budgets and high productivity required for TSV and other advanced packaging applications.

TSV fabrication involves thinning device wafers and bonding them to temporary carriers made of glass or silicon. As typical bonding adhesives have thermal budgets of approximately 200ºC, all subsequent processing on these hybrid wafers must be done at very low temperatures. Depositing high-quality films at low temperatures requires RF power levels that add considerable heat to the wafer surface. To maintain a consistent wafer temperature, the Avila system is equipped with an active cooling feature, enabling stable substrate temperatures as low as 100ºC with excellent defect performance. In addition, the pedestal allows processing of different carrier sizes. Helium-free processing has been developed to further reduce cost.

The Avila system's deposition processes run on the production-proven Twin Chamber® Producer GT platform that can process up to six wafers simultaneously. Not only does the platform demonstrate superior handling of bonded wafers, its flexible architecture can accommodate Applied's complete portfolio of TSV dielectric processes for efficient integration development. Delivering double or triple the throughput of other available systems for low temperature dielectric films, the Producer GT platform also significantly reduces cost of ownership per wafer.

Producer Avila PECVD