Applied MDLx Ginestra® Simulation Software


Ginestra® is a software product designed to simulate the operation and electrical characteristics of modern logic (e.g., FinFET, FeFET) and memory (e.g., Flash, RRAM, CBRAM, FeRAM, PCM) devices, with a particular focus on dielectric-related phenomena and novel materials. The software is based on a multiscale modeling approach and relies on a comprehensive physics-based description of charge/ion transport; charge trapping; and material modifications due to different phenomena such as degradation, polarization switching, phase change, and more.

Ginestra includes a Device Creation Tool to design custom devices and a full set of simulation modules reproducing the main electrical measurements typically considered for device characterization and qualification, such as I-V, C-V, BTI, $V$T shift, SILC, and electrical stress, and to predict reliability/variability. It can be used as a virtual electrical measurement lab to design and perform virtual electrical experiments. This allows testing of multiple ideas and structures before going to the lab, thereby accelerating development cycle times and saving significant cost.

Applied MDLx Ginestra Simulation Software




The software can be used either for the classical Material-to-Device (MtD) simulation flow, in which the user creates the device and material stack and runs the simulations to manually fit some experimental data and/or understand the electrical behavior of the device, or for the Device-to-Material (DtM) simulation flow, a unique Ginestra feature, in which a given set of experimental data is fed into the software and automatically reproduced to extract information on device and material properties and stack composition. This unique capability provides an efficient tool for rapid technology characterization and for automatic defect/material spectroscopy.




Applications and Capabilities

Applied MDLx Ginestra Simulation Software

Materials (partial list)

  • Transitional metal oxides: HfO2, Al2O3 
  • ZrO2, TiO2, HfAlO, La2O3, Ceo2
  • Perovskites: STO, BaTiO
  • FEOL/BEOL dielectrics: SiO2, SiN, SiCOHN
  • Si, Ge, InGaAs
  • Chalcogenides: GST, GeTE, GeSe
  • Metals: TiN, AL, Ir, Pt


  • MIM cap
  • MIS/SIS cap
  • PN junctions
  • Heterojunctions
  • Transistor: MOSFET, HEMT, SOI-FET, FinFET
  • Memories: 3D-NAND, PCM, RRAM, Fe-RAM




  • DC and pulsed I-V
  • Pulsed I-Time
  • C-V and G-V
  • Noise
  • Variability
  • Stress and Reliability:
    • CVS, RVS 
    • SILC, BTI
    • TDDB / TSCIS …
  • Materials/Defect Spectroscopy: Automatic extraction of material/defect properties from electrical measurements; virtual lab for device characterization
  • Voltage-Induced Material Changes: Monte-Carlo model of ions-vacancies drift, diffusion, recombination, bond breakage, phase changes, OTS, ferroelectrics, magnetics
  • Reliability/Variability: Monte-Carlo model of material aging and defects creation/recombination
  • Material-Device Platform for Technology Optimization: Optimization/design of devices (materials, properties, geometry) to match electrical specifications
  • Materials Library: Libraries of material properties as extracted from real samples depending on process conditions


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