The Applied AKT-PX family of PECVD systems deposits highly-uniform low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) films on glass substrates from 1.6 to 5.7m2 (Gen 5 to Gen 8.5). LTPS technology is a proven method for the fabrication of high-performance transistor arrays in active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) and ultra-high resolution thin film transistor - liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD).

Applied's LTPS systems for large-area glass sizes enable manufacturers to produce more displays per substrate or to produce larger displays, helping to accelerate the transition to larger screen sizes for mobile devices and televisions.

AMOLED and advanced TFT-LCD displays use polysilicon for the transistors instead of amorphous silicon which is used in conventional LCD displays. The higher electron mobility of polysilicon allows the transistors that control each pixel to be smaller and switch more quickly. This results in brighter, sharper displays that use less energy - highly desirable characteristics in mobile applications where image quality and battery life are critical.