Nitin Ingle

AVP, Semiconductor Products Group

Nitin Ingle is Appointed Vice President of Selective Removal Products (SRP). His strong leadership has played a significant role in evolving Applied’s SRP solutions to create more value with unmatched selective etching and dry clean capabilities. He is well versed in computational fluid dynamics and chemical kinetics and helped develop several products, including the Eterna FCVD and HARP gapfill, dry isotropic selective removal with SiCoNi and Selectra Si/Ox/Metal/SiGe. His innovations have generated multiple billions of dollars in revenue across numerous product families.

In 2022 he was named an Applied Materials Fellow for outstanding technical contributions that have been vital to the company’s success. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Mumbai and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo. He has more than 40 published works and has been granted over 200 patents.