Producer® HARP®

Applied Producer HARP (High Aspect Ratio Process) is a thermal non-plasma-based CVD oxide product that addresses the stringent gap-fill requirements of applications such as STI and PMD for advanced logic FinFET and memory technology nodes.

Using patented ozone/TEOS chemistry, the unique HARP process enables enhanced transistor performance by depositing strain-inducing films that can significantly increase transistor drive current in 2D planar logic and retention times in memory devices, without added integration complexity or cost. These strain engineering benefits are additive when HARP is used with other strain-inducing films such as stress nitride and SiGe epitaxy .The non-plasma deposition process also eliminates plasma-induced damage, resulting in excellent device reliability.

The Applied HARP process runs on the production-proven, high-throughput Producer platform. With its innovative Twin Chamber architecture, the Producer platform enables simultaneous processing of up to six wafers for superior productivity and significant reduction in cost of ownership with high system reliability. Platform extendibility enables customers to leverage the Producer toolset for multiple process nodes.

Producer HARP